Commercial Litigation

commercial litigation

You take your business seriously, so do we.  Commercial litigators are attorneys trained in handling the legal aspects of general business disputes. A skilled commercial litigator is knowledgeable of both procedure and trial practice. CSJR Law represents both individuals and corporations that my find themselves on either end of a commercial dispute.

Disputes between commercial entities 

Business disputes may involve a business entity and another business. Litigation can arise between a company’s competitors, suppliers, vendors, employees or customers. CSJR Law has represented business, individuals and investors in claims of fraud, unfair competition, breach of contract, wage and hour and employment contract disputes.

It is the obligation of owners and executives of companies to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney in the area of commercial litigation. Losing a lawsuit can have long-term detrimental effects on the company’s bottom line and in extreme cases can cause a company to become bankrupt.  CSJR Law understands the needs of each individual client and tailors its approach to any litigation in the client’s best business interest.